Can AFA MY Be a Hit?

Two days earlier I had the privilege of covering Anime Festival Asia Malaysia (AFA MY) press conference at the Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (report here). Before that, everything about AFA MY was kept hushed. Indeed, we were in the dark on who is coming, altho Abe, one of the event partner had dropped a hint or two at us. It was kept under wrap so much that even some bloggers have no idea of the press conference until a day before. In all honesty, after that AFKL issue in which an individual claimed he will be organising the largest anime related event in Malaysia, people in the ACG community was waiting for AFA MY to see what a REAL organiser can do. And also wether or not this will be a standalone event capable of having it’s own attraction or just an AFA Singapore copy. So how did they fare?

If there is something that is shared by all Malaysians, it’s the love for cheap food, and the expectant that everything must be “affordable” even if it’s of high quality. Abe already hinted for months to me that the price would be “Malaysian”. And Malaysian it is, with it being RM15/30 per day. Funnily enough hours before the event I told Maskawaih that RM30 is the highest they can set the price. Anything higher and the “Ah mahal gile” mentality will creep in. And yes folks, this is muuuch cheaper than the RM68 of AFKL.

Cute maids notwithstanding, what do you get with this RM30? Well quite a lot honestly. AFAMY will fly in Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, president of Production IG. Don’t know who Production IG is? Does Ghost in the Shell and Guilty Crown rings any bell? He will also be announcing some news in Malaysia so do look forward to that. Also Good Smile Racing will be there promoting their team, meaning limited edition merchandise from them. And who knows, the race queens? Danny Choo will also promoting his highly popular Moekana, even promising a 10 foot high Moekana card (sorry I only do Metric, so I have no idea how high 10 feet is). Combined with other exhibitions like Akiba Town, Ultraman Corner, Meido Butler Cafe, Cosplay competition, etc, it’s highly worth it. Sadly AFAMY does not have Cool Japan (still specifically for AFA proper) but I am not complaining much. And I am also waiting for them to announce who is the seiyuu coming in.

What about the Anisong section? Well they have line up that includes Flow, Kotoko, Kalafina, Sea☆A, and Maon Kurosaki in a two day concert event. Price? RM88 for free standing and RM148 for VIP, which is lower than what usually you can get at AFA proper (AFA usually cost around RM300ish, and let’s not forget that AFKL charged around RM600++ for a non-existent concert!). And you are not going to get the normal AFA staple *cough*MayN&aniki*cough*.

So do I think AFAMY can be a hit? Sure, why not? I mean it’s affordable and is located at a place where it’s easily accessible. And the organisers are really trying hard to make this different from AFA proper. The only thing I can think of that could be a problem is PWTC is not known to be a place hold an ACG con and thus people from PJ who are not used to KL might have a problem going there. Other than that, this should be a fun weeked to look forward to 😀

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