Comic Fiesta 2012, at KLCC Again

So yeah, Comic Fiesta has confirmed (through their Facebook, Y U NO ANNOUNCE ON TWITTER DAMMIT?!) that the upcoming Comice Fiesta 2012 is set on 22nd and 23rd December 2012, still at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

>inb4 “KL JAUH!”
>inb4 “Why not in PJ”
>inb4 3 of the 4 halls will be filled with cosplayers who should not be posing in the hallways

Oh well sucks to be you

5 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta 2012, at KLCC Again

  1. Why at KLCC?? I’ll be lost among the cosplayers and cross players(I’m actually a crossplayerXD) why can’t it be at PWTC or anywhere else but not KLCC

  2. Can’t we just have cosplay events at least in 1 Utama or Ikano, Mutiara Damansara? It is kinda far and there is (always) a problem to find a parking space.

  3. get it? “imma say ahoo”.

    why not make it in singapore.. i wanna go to singapore.
    wait! there is a comicfest in singapore.

    im a fat guy? n i wanna join the cosplaying.. who should i be?
    “fat bastard” already taken..

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