Media Passess. Jelly?

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia

Media Passess. Jelly?

Hmm I don’t think there is much that I actually want to talk about it. You can read the event report at Anime Shrine. So I just post my personal opinion here even tho it’s already quite late :)


Not bad. But could have been better. There was a delay on getting the media pass meaning I actually had to miss covering Super GT at Sepang (I have media for both events). The main hall was the Tun Razak Hall across the river from Dewan Merdeka entrace of PWTC. There was quite a lot of people already queueing even at 7am in the morning.

Booths were kinda meh, but then again I never expected much honestly. There was some good ones like the Good Smile Company (they actually brought in the Ultimate Madowkargh prototye to be shown at the booth!) and Bandai booth. Meido Cafe was too packed for me to bother. The PR team were quite helpful and friendly tho throughout the event, and did help me quite a lot.


Tudung Meeko from Gems's FB photo

Only saw some. Was too busy in the stage/backstage area for me to really give a bother about them. Mostly filled with newbies dressing up in their taobao bought clothes, but there were some quite striking gems, such as the Tudungster Hatsune Miku cosplayer that riled up some “traditionist” Miku fans. But then again being Malaysians, the issue was forgotten just days after the event. Also this is the reason you will never see a gallery of cosplayers from me. Missed the cosplay competition due to doing interviews as well orz.

Stage Area

Quite lacking compared to AFA Singapore, but then again that is actually a given considering we don’t have the Cool Japan thingy that Singapore has. For the industry talk, they had Good Smile Company’s Aki Takanori and Max Factory’s Max Watanabe talking about upcoming releases, something that I honestly felt could have been made better with a Q/A session. I only went to Ishikawa’s segment for a while since I had to go backstage to interview Ishii, but we recorded that segment. Sadly I missed Ishii’s segment the day before due to the late on getting the media tags. The Japan Media Arts Festival screening was quite a nice surprise with some of the videos really made me think the director was actually on an acid trip while doing it. Danny Choo was ok’ish as an MC, but some of the translation that he did was too toned down and lost it meanings among the viewers IMO.


Mikatan from Good Smile Company, famous for her figurine blog

Quite a good guest list, and I was fortunate to meet most of them personally. Met with Spiral Cats and FLOW as they arrived at the airport (I was there actually for Super GT). Special thanks to event director Shawn Chin for actually giving me permission to take pictures of their arrival. Spiral Cats was a friendly and large close knit of friends although we are only shown their poster girls, Tasha and Miyuko throughout the event. And I can attest they actually look good with minimal makeup. FLOW was a fun bunch, and they even called Fazri fat when we met them backstage. Should have arranged for an interview with them honestly. Kotoko actually looks like a normal Japanese woman during our interview session.

Production IG’s Ishikawa was largely ignored by the crowd that does not recognise the face of one of the important man in the anime industry, and we were met we amused looks when me and Fazri had Ishikawa signing our books in the hall during the first day. And we loved how Ishikawa was straight to the point during his talks as well. Ishii meanwhile was a more professional kind of person, and his answers during our interview was concise but well thought.

But funny tho. After I showed some up close pictures with some popular guests, some people started asking me on how to get a media pass. Applying is easy, but I don’t see why you want to get a media pass when all you want is to just take backstage pictures. Medias don’t only take pictures, but they also do coverage report. And you must also know who will be reading that report as well. If you are doing it just for syok sendiri, I personally wish you good luck bro.

Back to the guests wish that they could have added a seiyuu or two tho. Aimi technically IS a seiyuu, but she was part of the anisong line up instead.


First night: okay, okay, zzzz.
2nd night: meh, okay, FUCK YEAH AWESOME TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

While the artist line up was good, I might be kinda too tired to be able to get into the mood with the Anisong artist, until that is when FLOW started their performance. Let me clarify that artists like Kotoko and Kalafina was good, but in terms of live and how they interact with the fans, FLOW was on another level. They actually made you feel like you are part of the show, and not just there watching them sing. And this is something that was lacking beforehand. The antic of their guitarist, Take, alone was worth all the money spent on the VIP ticket. And nothing can ever beat the moment that your twitter feed was full of “Jibun Wooo” once Colors started. They are performers while the anisong artists, were just, well, artists. It was something that crossed even the language barriers and it’s something that all the other anisong artists have to learn IMO when performing a live show, especially in a foreign country. And it was the perfect band to close off AFA MY proper.

So what do I think of AFA MY? It was ok’ish. Somehow in the back of your mind you have a nagging feeling that I could have been a lot better, but for a first time event, especially in Malaysia I won’t complain much. I just hope that they would use this as a benchmark to make a better one next year.

Thank to Sozo, Dentsu, and Mochiro for letting me cover the event . And also thanks to Fazri for helping me with the questions for the interviews. I do hope that there will be another AFA Malaysia next year.

Disclaimer: Any concert pictures were provided by the PR. I did not took ANY pictures during the concert

Some of the videos that was taken during AFA Malaysia

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